Family DBT Skills Training

The DBT Counseling Center offers DBT Family Skills Training as an “add-on” or adjunctive therapy for the families – parents, siblings, partners, or grandparents – of clients who are participating in the core DBT program. Family Skills Training has three goals:

  • Provide family members with an understanding of what your loved one is struggling with in a clear, non-judgmental way.
  • Foster a mutually validating environment for all family members.
  • Address all family members’ emotion regulation and interpersonal skills deficits.

We are frequently contacted by distraught parents of young adults (the Center serves clients 18 years and older) who are economically dependent and often living with their parents.  Parents call in hopes that DBT will cure their child.  We have had limited success with these daughters and sons if their parents and other involved family members are not also participating in treatment.  Usually there are interactions between and among family members that unintentionally reinforce the adult child’s problem behaviors and vice versa.  We view the family as a system in which all parties contribute to the problems and solutions.  Blaming the parents or the child is never helpful. Family Skills Training is strongly recommended for families looking for new ways to relate to each other for the benefit of everyone involved.

For information on fees for DBT Family Skills Training see How much does it cost? under FAQ.